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Need bending machine simulation software and where to start to make it?

  1. Feb 23, 2012 #1
    I am doing my internship in the factory produce pipe, kabel for automotive.
    We get one project from user to make a bended pipe...
    So far we bend it manually using some torsion tool and operated by human...
    The tug time is so high so we plan to make the machine if the cost is coverable....

    The machine showed like in this site http://www.machinetools.net.tw/metal/taiwan_bending-machine.htm

    I plan to study first about how it works by playing with the software, anyone of you has it or know where to get it?
    I think it is very cool programming to make it, so applicable...
    And do you have any idea using what language they can control the machine?

    Thank You,

    Best Regards.
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