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Need design for a rectangle "like" spray bottle

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    to keep it simple, I will explain what I basically need. Imagine a rectangular Plastic brick. With 10 small holes on the bottom that would release fluid. There is a cap on the top of the rectangle box that the fluid will be poured into. And a press style button on the side of the rectangle to pump the fluid out the holes on the bottom. I would be using like a gel-soap type of fluid so it would need to be pumped rather then a 1 way check type valve. Also it would be hard to distribute the fluid to multiple holes so it would have to be a 1 way type pump.

    Can anyone help me with the design. Even spray bottle pumps are confusing to me
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    It is entirely unclear what you want to accomplish. So far you seem to have specified you want to punch holes in the bottom of a laundry detergent jug and pump liquid soap in. It isn't clear why. It isn't clear what it will be used for. It isn't even clear what the "gel-soap type of fluid" will be.

    If you really want to design something then what you need to do is start with a clear statement of what it is you want to accomplish. This should include any constraints such as the temperature range, or other conditions, this thing should function in. Do you have a generic idea about budget? Should it be suitable for hand washing? Food washing? Medical equipment washing? Is it fire fighting equipment? Is it a coolant sprayer in a nuclear reactor? Is it a warp nacelle on the star ship Enterprise? What is it?

    Once you have defined the success goals, then you should start thinking about how to accomplish them.

    So many times I see the following.
    The poster wants to solve some problem. They think about it for a while, then come up with a series of ideas. Then idea 12 part B displays for them some kind of problem they don't know how to solve. So they come on here and ask, without telling anybody about all the context.
    How do I make idea 12 part B work?

    Well, it's not a good way to work. It goes like this. You start out thinking how to make your car rust resistant. Then you think many other things don't rust. Then you think, hey, straw does not rust. So you start thinking this.


    And then you come on asking about how to make a car out of straw and still be roadworthy. when really what you wanted was to know how to inhibit rust.
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    I am sorry for the mis-understanding, I just didn't want to make a long post for a quick answer. Basically I am trying to make a "shoe shine" looking sponge with a reservoir at the top. So I could use it around the house for various things like' shining my shoes without having to spread the gel and washing the counter with soap rather then spraying, more like a self product applying sponge! I am interested in how a design like this would work, in a pump type form rather then a one way latch type valve
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