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Need guidance on epoxy resins

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    Hi guys,

    I recently got my hands dirty renovating my house. Learned a lot.

    I want to fix a floor in one room, want to try epoxy resin for this. Surprisingly, googling was less than satisfactory. Yes, I got it, many epoxy resins are wonderful and there are gazillions of them. That's not detailed enough for me.

    And local construction materials stores' people have proven to be not too knowledgeable in the past. Asking them complex questions does not produce meaningful results.

    Does anyone know a good place to learn "in depth" about epoxy resins? Like, which are curing fast and slow? How to control it? Are there some which have low viscosity in uncured state? (Sort of important for floor leveling). Toxicity? Shrinkage? Etc...
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    All the information you are asking is available from manufacturers of marine epoxy, and of course, it works well with timber in boat building, usually in conjunction with fillers or glass fibre cloth. But I would be very careful about using exotic materials for houses - things have so often given trouble in the past. The resin by itself has no strength, incidentally. I think it is often better to improve a floor by placing something like thick plywood over it.
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    Every manufacturer tends to just praise their product...
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    you can look up the msds for the chemicals used, or look up the toxicity of them. a lot of the information should be on the datasheets.
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    What does "fix a floor" mean here?

    There are many things which can go wrong with a floor.

    You should describe what problem you are trying to solve by using epoxy on a floor.
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