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Need help finding an oscilloscope

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    Hi guys, I am in the market looking for an oscilloscope, but I am having trouble looking for one.

    Here`s what I require:

    At least 2 channel (4 would be better but not required)
    Able to record the reading
    at least 50 MHz
    Be able to output stored readings(this is the part I am having a hard time doing).
    Hopefully under $1000 all said and done

    I want to be able to use this tool for diagnosing electrical components and learn (play) more about electrical components, mainly automotive related.

    Say for example, I have a magnetic pickup sensor, I want to be able to test it. Store the data, output the store data to the computer.

    Thank you very much. I have found this forum with many learning information.
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    Oh I forgot. It is mainly low voltage application. 0 - 15 V
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    jim hardy

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    Used to be boards that plug into a PC slot to give it o'scope capacity.
    oh my goodness now they've got it for USB !!


    i'm a model T in a Prius world.
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    Welcome to the PF.

    You'll also find some helpful info in the "Related Threads" links at the bottom of the page here in your thread.
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    I could check out http://www.bncscientific.com and see what they have. I think they carry Rigol, but their stuff isn't overly expensive. You can usually get something of pretty good quality for cheap.
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