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Need help finding ballasts

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    I'm looking for a certain type of ballast and was hoping someone could help me find them. I'm looking for the ballasts shown in the pictures. I believe that they are magnetic ballasts. Two of them are 250W, two are 400W, one is 700W, and one is 1000W. Just for scale, the panel in the pictures is about two feet wide. Can anybody help me figure out where I can buy these?


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    It looks like they have labels on them -- what do the labels say?
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    That's the problem. All I have are these pictures. I am looking for some very robust ballasts with those wattage ratings and I know the ones used in this unit would work perfectly, but I don't know exactly what they are or where they are sold.

    I am just hoping someone might recognize that type and know where I might be able to buy them.
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    jim hardy

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    look into theater and stadium lighting suppliers
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    You need to work backwards. What are the exact lamp types? From that you can determine the ballasts.

    You can't do diddly from these pictures.
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    They are actually not for lighting. I need ballasts to control the amount of current that goes into a variac.

    I am using the variac as in input to a high voltage, step-up transformer designed to exceed the dielectric strength of air. Once the arc is established, I need the ballasts to keep the power in check so the transformer and variac don't fry.
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    jim hardy

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    look into Sola constant voltage regulating tansformers. (Ferreoresonant transformer)

    they will limit the current that can flow to a load.

    http://www.solahevidutysales.com/cvs_hardwired_series_power_conditioner.htm [Broken]
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