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Need help finding comic about refuting belief in gravity etc.

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    I once read a physics comic that went something like this:

    two people, one was floating in the air and told the other "I have refuted my belief in gravity"

    ... I think he then proceeds to refute several other things and they all vanish/dont work for him anymore...

    (I think there was a part where he jumped into a volcano und didnt get burned because he knew thermodynamics)

    and in the end, the other guy asks him "what happens if you refute your belief in god" "nothing"

    I don't remember where I read that comic, but I really liked it and was planning to pin it up on our office door, so it would be really nice if someone knows it and can post a link.

    Thank you!
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    I remember the comic, and it was unrelated to that.
    I just don't know where I saw it :(. xkcd was my first guess, but a my search there was not successful.
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    Abstruse goose perhaps?
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