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Need Help Fixing Plasma Tv Please?

  1. Jul 31, 2013 #1
    Need Help Fixing Plasma Tv...... Please?

    Got it for free it a samsung pn50a450p1d. The tv works fine except it screen color is pink with a little haze, can this be fixed?
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    It could be due to a whole number of reasons. I think it is why you got the TV for free. TV repair is expensive these days because they only change boards and will not delve into the component level. Is it too bad to live with? If there's just a bit of pink colour caste, there may be a tint control in the Picture menu.
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    Sorry it took me awhile to reply. I opened the back off the boards look fine no singe marks or blown capacitors. I blew the words off with canned air there seemed to be very little dust. The one board does of a green blinking light though.
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    jim hardy

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    try searching on your model number and symptom.

    Typing this string into Bing
    samsung pn50a450p1d pink screen

    returned a manual and some forums where folks discuss their repairs.. looks like pink might be some sort of screen burn protection scheme...

    ecoustics.com was help to me a few years back.

    Typing in the part numbers of the circuit boards sometimes finds interesting sites.
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    I did google samsung pn50a450p1d pink screen and got nothing i can try googling that board that has a green blinking light.
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    jim hardy

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    jim hardy

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    Here is the e-coustics thread that helped me:

    probably there's a thread there for your set or one similar, look through here


    poke at it with your voltmeter
    and pay attention to the names of test points on the PC boards

    search on part numbers of your circuit boards
    mine were for sale all over ebay
    but I think I found the place in Atlanta where everybody buys them to resell on ebay. I felt safer there.

    good luck, old jim
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