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Need help learning about ballistic trajectory for a game

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    Me and a friend are trying to write a Scorched Earth game clone and we're trying to figure out an algorithm to calculate ballistic trajectory (factoring in gravity and wind).

    I'm not very good at physics what-so-ever, but I've managed to make an algorithm for projectile trajectory (with gravity) from this page but it doesn't factor in wind resistance and I'm not sure the gravity part of the equation is even correct.

    Can anybody point me in the right direction on learning about this kind of stuff?
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    I saw book at the bookstore called "The Physics of Gaming" or "Physics for Game Programmers" or something similar to that. It should still be around at any major book store.
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    why don't you first tell us the equation your using.
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    There've been a couple of previous threads dealing with this. I direct you to this one as the most recent. Part-way down, Pervect has provided a link to a very detailed site that can probably handle all of your questions.
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