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NEED HELP reading data from flash memory module

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    I am working on trying to get a .bin file from a flash memory module. Am29BL802C
    I have attached a picture of the chip I am working with, the datasheet, and the pinout of said chip here --> http://forums.hackaday.com/viewtopic.ph [Broken] ... 994#p10994
    I need this file in order to reverse engineer it to build a .def file for ecuflash or romraider. This is my only flash memory module containing the information I need so I cannot mess it up. Could someone PLEASE help me out here so I can keep my project moving in the right path? Any help GREATLY appreciated as I am pulling my hair out over here. Thanks in advance!
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    If the data is valuable to you, get a professional data recovery company to do the job. Google for somebody doing data recovery from computer hard drives, phone SIM cards, digital camera memory cards, etc in your area.

    You might think their prices are high, but it will probably cost you just as much (including your time) and be a lot more risky to build the hardware and write the computer software you need to do it yourself.
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    I appreciate the input but this is a project I want to do on my own. I am currently taking computer engineering classes and electrical and computer science classes and i belive that this will help me understand even more about automotive ecus in hopes that it will make me a better technician. I understand that i said this is the only copy I have but i can always purchase another salvaged unit if anything goes wrong I would just like to get it right The first time so i don't have to purchase another ecu. My long term goal is to be able to plug into the obd2 port, download the .bin, edit said file with a user friendly gui, and reflash it back to the car. Thanks for the input.
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    Sorry, we will not help you hack into the ECU to reverse engineer it. Thread closed.
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