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Need Help/Support Dealing With Procrastination/Motivation

  1. May 24, 2013 #1
    Hi all,

    Second post on here, the first didn't really get many replies well any actually, but I'm willing to try here out again as this section seems fairly busy.

    Anyway as the title implies I'm having problems at the moment with procrastination although a friend of mine believes it is more motivation based.

    So how do you deal with procrastination and staying motivated?

    Side note if anyone is willing to help me when I encounter problems with questions that would be greatly appreciated also if you have Steam add me under Powermaniac.

    As well if you want all the details just ask, I started typing them all out and felt unsure if it was right or I was getting too personal and blah.

    Anyway thanks in advance for any replies.
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  4. May 28, 2013 #3
    Thanks jedishrfu for the reply. I read over your two links there and I'm not sure exactly how they would help. Maybe you can expand on it or explain how you deal with procrastination.

    I would also love for any other replies as well as the information from the swath of people I talk to on the net has mainly been "I don't know how to deal with procrastination and it comes and goes and when they really have to do work they just do it" Mixture of those words basically.
  5. May 28, 2013 #4
    I find the biggest problem is interest. If you are not interested in something, you will put it off and not want to do it.

    For example, in high school I hated school and just went to goof off with friends and play sports. Never did homework, failed math 11 twice even though I had a great tutor. My mom even bought me that book mentioned in post #2!! But it all came down to me not wanting to do anything except party and sports. I did NOT have my priorities in check.

    After high school I fell in love with math and then physics, at the same time I was putting together a schedule for work, gym, friends etc. I found that with a schedule, I was able to complete everything and never was I behind. Ended up with over 90% in all my math, physics, and chemistry courses(I was upgrading my marks because I never took these courses). BUT, I found it wasn't only the schedule that kept my priorities in check it was because I found something I enjoyed doing. Also I have a piece of paper with specific goals posted up on my wall which helps me stay on track because if I find myself slacking off, I would read those.

    Now will these things work for you? Maybe, maybe not. But this is what I found worked for me. I know how you feel though trust me, I lived like that for 19 years. I do have my off days though, I'm human :)
  6. May 28, 2013 #5
    Okay let me share the rest of the deal here because the more I think about this thread the more I think it would benefit from it.

    So I want to become a mechatronic engineer (electrical, electronic, computing, mechanical mixed together). Now originally that was because it was closest to a job that fit what Iron Man did (crazy I know) what I mean by that is technologically speaking he can almost create anything he wants. Now I liked that idea of freedom in what you can create technology wise. Now though I came across the technological singularity and that has become my main goal, I want to either be the main person recognised as achieving it or have some control over where it goes basically also a pretty grandiose idea I've been told. But as I see it, it's going to happen with or without me.

    So at the moment I've found that there is somewhere I want to get that requires maths and physics but getting there is boring at times. And well I like being able to use what I've learnt to do something useful so say at the moment I'm learning Coordinate Geometry well if once I've completed that part of the course someone said hey you can build this or program this with that code that would be great and would make the learning experience so much more rewarding. As it is now I always feel there is something more entertaining to be doing.

    This year I've missed a fair bit of school which has set me back now I need to catch up problem is the procrastination which is why I'm asking for help here because I'm not overcoming it well or fast enough.
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  7. May 28, 2013 #6
    Have you tried seeking professional help rather than asking random people on the internet who really don't know your situation or who don't have the right qualifications? I myself know nothing about bipolar so I really can't help much more. I think you would benefit a lot more from a professional who knows your medical situation and has the knowledge to help you get through this.
  8. May 28, 2013 #7
    For me, switching profession/carreer to something I actually like doing, rather than something that sounds cool and I thought I were destined for because I consider myself so smart, helped a lot.
  9. May 28, 2013 #8
    Okay that's fine, I'm already pursuing that as it is.

    I was just after how the people here have dealt with procrastination and motivation problems, mainly procrastination. I just brought those other details up as to point out there is a reason behind my studying physics and maths. And I do actually enjoy learning about physics and technology and thus recently maths I want to understand maths but putting in the effort is the problem.

    Basically I've removed that part of my above post as in a lot of ways it wasn't relevant to the point of the thread and would just get on a large side track about the fact people don't think they are qualified to comment.

    I was just after people's opinions and experiences as they can be surprisingly helpful.

    Oh and Timo computing/computers have been my life since I was very young, they have been my main enjoyment in my life. Technology was an extension of that interest and then science became a further extension of it and then mathematics. So basically I choose something that was fairly open as to what I could do but involved the things I was interested in.
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