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Need help, Why is Matlab not writing to file?

  1. Mar 10, 2010 #1

    f = input('Enter the force applied in lbs: ');
    p_c = input('Enter point closest to pivot: ');
    p_f = input('Enter point farthest from pivot: ');
    filename = input('name of file is: ','s');
    points = input(' # of points to calculate: ');

    x = [p_c;rand(points,1)*p_f-p_c+p_c;p_f];
    y = sort(x);
    pos = find(y<p_c);
    pos1 = find(y>p_f);
    y(pos) = [];
    y(pos1) = [];

    %disp(y) points

    M = y*f;

    %disp(M) moment

    final = [y,M];

    Mo = fopen([filename,'_',f,'_',points,'.txt'], 'w');

    %fid = fopen(string, option)


    fprintf(Mo, 'ID:\t%s\nF:\t%2.2f\n point closest:\t%2.3f\n point farthest:\t%2.3f...\n',filename,f,p_c,p_f);
    fprintf(Mo, ' points\t moment\n');
    fprintf(Mo, '%.2f\t.2f',y,M);

    Your thoughts would be helpful because I don't see why this isn't working
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  3. Jun 5, 2010 #2
    The variables f, and points (which are of type double), are used to generate you file name without being converted to string.
    Try, using num2str function, for example
    Code (Text):
    Mo = fopen([filename,'_',num2str(f),'_',num2str(points),'.txt'], 'w');
    Also, you might want to have a closer look at:
    think, it's missing a % after \t.
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