Need Help with Applying Newton's 2nd Law

  1. Need Help with "Applying Newton's 2nd Law"

    What is \sum F_{2x}, the sum of the x components of the forces acting on block 2? Take forces acting up the incline to be positive.

    Express your answer in terms of some or all of the variables tension T, m_2, the magnitude of the acceleration of gravity g, and theta.

    i really dont have a clue what is going on here..i would really appriciate if anyone can help me out here.
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  3. draw FBD and resolve the weight to x & y direction then use N2L
  4. yeah,i am having the same problem here.Especially when they give a picture showing a rope being pull by an object and then later ask me to calculate the tension in the rope.
  5. well i am a novice in physics...please help me.
  6. Doc Al

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    You might want to post a diagram so we can see what you are talking about.

  7. this is the diagr 46055_a.jpg am
  8. Doc Al

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    OK, now start identifying all the forces that act on each block.
  9. Hey Mentor, i am really bad at physics..i am really not able to figure out the queston. if you can help me with the answer it will be great.i really appriciate that..
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