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Need help with where i can get a switch.

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    i need an on/off toggle switch for my bilge bump on my jet ski. But, the mounting panel is about 2 inches thick where the fiberglass is. the stem could be short but the threaded (back part) needs to be about 2 inches long in order to fit. I also need a platic or waterproof cover for it to keep it water tight. I have look on MCM electronics, Radio shaft, and switches unlimited but no luck. anyone know where i can find one? thanks
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    Can you not just use any ole toggle swith? I mean, could you not use something shorter, and just run longer wires to make up the difference?

    Also, have you checked with the manufacturer of your Jet ski? You might try taking the old switch to an auto parts store.
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    a regular toggle switch will not work because there will be no way to get the connection part in the hole and tighten the backing nut. it is an aftermarket bilge system so the jet ski manufacturer wont have any info on it.
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    What kind of jet ski is it?

    Who makes the bilge pump?
    (have you checked with the pump manufacturer to ask for replacement parts?)

    Any identifying numbers on the switch?
    If so, what are they?
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    Fry's, possibly. There's a place here in the DFW area called Tanner Electronics that carries a wide assortment. Perhaps Mauser.
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    Try a marine supply. They will have push-pull switches, similar to the old auto starter switches, that have long shanks. That is a very common problem in boats, the panels are very thick.
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