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Need ideas for solar/atmospheric experiment

  1. Sep 21, 2010 #1
    I am a physics undergrad (senior) with an interest in optics participating with three other undergrads (ME, EE, and CS) in a solar spectrograph build. It is a pilot program sponsored by NASA that will hopefully turn into a national competition.
    In addition to observing as many absorption lines (in the visible) as we are able to, we are being asked to come up with our own experimental tasks to fulfill. This is intentionally open-ended. I have gotten a variety of ideas from my professors but would like to hear more. Our budget is $2000 and it will be a standalone, ground-based device. If we want to use a commercial telescope it has to come out of our budget. So what kind of cool science would you do with a spectrograph pointed at the sun? Thanks for any input in advance, the sooner we figure this part out the sooner we get to design and build it!
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    Get a radial velocity curve?
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