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Senior design project ideas merging biomedical and electrical engineering

  1. Jun 23, 2012 #1
    Do you have any electrical engineering senior design projects suitable for someone who is BME/EE? This is one of the (few) classes necessary if I want to also complete the EE major, which I sort of joined for fun, because (i) they have all the math courses, not sure why and (ii) the professors smile more.

    The degree of BME-ness can be varied, but I'd like to make use of my background in biology, chemistry (up to P Chem), and signal processing (technically in the EE dept.) if I can. Technically, "applied physics" is covered within our EE dept., and I have some research experience with thermodynamics and NMR. I would strongly prefer that the project is heavy on signal processing.

    Programming: Our EE design course professor pretty much insists that the coding should be done in LabView. I am more familiar with Java, Matlab, Maple, and a little C++.

    I have basic machining and soldering skills, but I am far from a "maker." I have a summer and a semester to learn what is necessary by the spring semester of 2013.

    The budget is about $200, but we are allowed to supplement it with external sources (mine still has ~$2000 left).

    Thank you very much!
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