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Need opinion on titration question

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    This is what we have to do for our chem prac
    1) Dissolve 2g of NaOH in 500 mL of water to make a solution
    2) Since NaOH cannot be used directly as standard solution titrate it with a standard oxalic acid solution
    3) Calculate concentration of NaOH
    4) Now use this standardised solution of NaOH to titrate a solution of acetic acid.

    My problem is that I did make a NaOH solution but accidentally spilled most of it. I have about 200 mL left. Unfortunately it's too hard to make a new NaOH solution at this moment.

    So my question is If I dilute whatever NaOH solution I have left with say about 200 mL of water and then titrate it to find it's concentration. Then use this new NaOH solution to titrate acetic acid. Will I get messed up results for my acetic acid titration?

    Is it unwise to do this and I should just try and somehow obtain a new NaOH solution?
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    A new solution would be ideal. I doubt that you made 2.5 times more NaOH solution than necessary for all the titrations, that would just be wasteful. So diluting can be okay (prior to standardizing) but you risk not having enough material to finish all replicates and you may find that the volume for any given titration is larger than the buret capacity which introduces error into the measurement.
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