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Schools Need quick advice on US college admissions!

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I have my brother going to US for his studies and I need to help him out for his preparation. This all needs to be done very quickly and I am looking for some good resources that can help me out to get his plans accomplished.
Will appreciate your inputs..
Depends where he wants to go and what you need? There are hundreds of resources for hundreds of things but no one knows what you need other than 'college admissions'. Specify perhaps?
Recently, in our group we had one of our friends who went to US for his higher education. We all supported him to get the best knowledge about the entrance exams & procedures to take admission in a US University. Well I have a resource i.e. a guide may be you’d like to have a look upon. It’s an online guide, I can give you it’s URL which is application boot camp guide it’ll help your brother get the best in preparations for his abroad studies. It’s expensive, but it’ll tell him exactly what to do for admission in top colleges.

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