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Need Quick help regarding Generator

  1. Jan 9, 2012 #1
    Hey all,
    I was floating around and found this forum very very much helpful and informative... So i thought to post a question here which i was searching all over and didnt found any good answer..
    I m searching for a generator (dynamo) that i would be using at around 100,000 RPM...
    Plz help if anyone knows about it!!
    Thankssssss alot in advance...
    waiting eagarly for reply..... :confused:
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    jim hardy

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    how much power?
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    You're planning to connect the generator to a turbocharger? Even jet engines don't reach (that I know of) such high rpm.
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    100,000 RPM? What spins that fast?

    A super high horsepower race engine that runs on gas maxes out at around 9,000 RPM before it tears itself apart.

    Explain your application in much more detail!!!!
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    Would want a reduction gear on that - probably best is a PM Generator - and can be made with very small rotor diameter - but still due to the rotating mass, 100K will probably be to much mechanical stress.
    Ok - no matter what - this would need to be custom = $$$$
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    jim hardy

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    look into the small motors used in hobby race cars and such.
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    Ok lets cut that short...

    1. The power i neeed is of no specific limitations.. (probably the maximum power i can get??? :S)

    2. 25,000 Rpm is practical speed i m seeking for... 100k was theoretical speed as it cant be reached...

    Is there any Dynamo or something else that can undergo that much speed withouht any mechanical or electrical failurre??
    Please Helpppppp
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    At that speed, you can look to electronics to generate AC power.

    Even 100000 RPM is only 1666 Hz which is easily done with electronics.
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    Kindly elaborate a little more... plz..
  11. Jan 10, 2012 #10

    jim hardy

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    some power tools that run at that sort of speed.

    look at nameplate on a router next time you're in home supply store. thay are a "universal" motor and if you excite the field yourself with DC, it'll make DC when you spin it.

    vacuum cleaners are another high speed universal motor but i do not know what is typical for them.
    if you have ability to spin one, experiment but first time - COVER IT and STAND CLEAR. when i was about eleven i oversped one and buried chunks in floor and wall of my bedroom. miraculously we kids had no body parts in the way.

    little racecar motors also run at those speeds. check local hobby shop or Tower Hobbies online.
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    You would need to give some idea of what you are trying to do, but if you want a high powered sinewave, then there are easier ways of getting one than using a rotating machine.

    This site has some sinewave oscillators:

    And this site has some audio amplifiers which could take the output of a sinewave oscillator and amplfy it:


    Most of the amplifiers are meant for driving a speaker, though, so this may depend on your application.
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