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I Need references for magnetic force vs distance/angle topic

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    i'm finishing my final degree project, it's about a new type of pallet conveyor dragged by magnets.
    I know for a fact that magentic force is inversely proportional to the distance squared, and i've designed and built my prototype with that in mind.
    Now i'm writing my final report and i need to find actual scientific papers to use as reference when explaining that.
    So, does anyone know a scientific paper or publicacion on the "magnetic force vs distance" topic?
    I'm using regular neodymium magnets (no electromagnets or anything fancy).

    Thanks in advance!
    Marc S~
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    Not necessarily. All physical magnets are dipoles where the field decays as the inverse of distance cubed. The force between two magnetic dipoles decays even faster since the magnetic force on a dipole with magnetic moment ##\mathbf{m}## is
    and thus the force would decay as the inverse of distance to the fourth power.
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