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My university is currently prescribing Vincent Del Toro book for electrical engineering fundamentals. I have read few chapters in the book but I don't think I can understand advanced theories from it... I don't understand the proof of superposition, delta to star conversions and so on.(I don't think he has given a proof!)...Iam lagging behind in my class.
Can someone prescribe an electrical engineering fundamentals book used in first semester...
The book should;
1.Use SI units..
2.Have lot of example problems.
3.Explanation should be simple yet not avoiding concepts.(Like Halliday Resnick in physics)..
4.Should have proofs of theorems discussed.
5.Should correctly make us understand the terms like 'short circuit,' open circuit' and so on.
6.Should have end of the book solutions to all the problems. This is because I want to check whether my method and calculations are right.
7.Should have a lot of conceptual problems.

I think the Vincent Del Toro book lacks all these...Please suggest me some books

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electronics technology fundamentals (conventional flow edition)
paynter/ boydell

also, the art of electronics (horowitz/hill) comes highly recommended here for any level of study