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Need resources to learn Tensors quick

  1. Oct 27, 2013 #1
    Anyone have a good introduction to Tensor PDF I can read. I don't want to read a 100 pages on Tensors. I'm looking for a short but in depth introduction to tensors. Anyone have any suggestions.
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    Good start thanks but if it could be a little more in depth then that. I need to be prepared for basic GR and self interaction
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    These are perfect thank you both.
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    The link works fine for me.
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    Maybe its my os, windows 8?
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    Tensors only became tractable to me once I read lots of solutions involving the manipulation of index notation tensors; I found it most useful to play around with traditional matrix notation, and then try to do it with tensors, even basic things like taking products of two by twos and what have you. After that, reading about it from a top down point of view caused everything to click.
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    i just love gr and tensors in general
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