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Need some more help

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    A misture of CO2 and Kr weighs 35.0 g and exerts a pressure of .708 atm in its container. Since Kr is expensive, you wish to recover it from the mixture. Afterthe CO2 is completely removed by absorption with NaOH(s), the pressure in the container is .250 atm. How many grams of CO2 were originally present? How many grams of Kr can you recover?

    I have no idea how to do this?
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    It would be of no help if we will give you logical reason at first site, which you yourself think first pls reply with whatever you have thought while attempting the problem
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    Remember that the partial pressure ratio is the molar ratio. From the molar ratio calculate the mass ratio. From the mass ratio find the individual masses of the original compounds.

    It shouldn't be too difficult.


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