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Need suggestions on transfering compressed air to rotating object

  1. Feb 4, 2015 #1
    If you had a rotating object like a tire or barrel that you wanted to distribute compressed air to while it's rotating, what would some ways to do it? One way I'm thinking is just a tight seal at the axis, but then there would be a lot of friction. Any other ideas??
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    Stephen Tashi

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    You could incorporate an electric air compressor in the rotating part of the apparatus. That way you'd only need an electrical connection to the rotating part instead of a compressed air connection.
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    How fast is the rotation? If it is really fast, you could use this rotation for compression (would still need some active parts I guess, but not a full-scale compressor).
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    I was thinking about a tesla turbine to turn a wheel. Except that I was trying to think of how to make the discs double as spokes for the wheel. It could be done, but I just realized it would be very inefficient because the rpm of the wheel would only be about 100. And an air compressed tesla turbine would run moat efficiently at many thousands of rpms. So nevermind. Thanks for the suggestions.
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