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Needing some help synchroniozing panel

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    Synchronizing panel contains of number of generators, and there is some cases of these generators

    - standby generator synchronizing
    - duty generator synchronizing

    could any body provide me with the information for these cases?

    thank you,
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    What information do you need?
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    yes.....I'll clarify my quiry

    e.g. if we have five generators each on supply one panel and all are running in this case (all generators are in duty case), but if there is a problem occur in one panel the generator supplies this spacific panel will stop and it is become standby generator.

    I want to know the following:
    - is the previous description correct?
    - what is the type of problem that causes generator to stop?

    i hope my quiry this time is clear........

    thank you
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    Hmm, not totally sure I understand, try this:

    Your example doesn't sound quite right; if one engine stopped (due to an electrical or mechanical fault), the engine won't "become a standby generator", it will just stop and the remaining four engines will typically pick up the extra load (or not, depending on configuration).

    There are dozens of faults which could potentially cause a generator to stop; even if you rule out problems with the engine, alternator and switchgear, there are so many components in the control panel alone that it's impossible to list all failure modes here!

    Have you had a specific problem that you're trying to solve?
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    thank you "brewnog" for your response......

    actually, I don't have a specific problem. however, I had a meeting with some engineers in my company and one of thim mentioned these two cases. I didn't understand what did he mean I asked him and his description was similar as what I mentioned here. After his description, still i didn't get it, I tried to get the clarification from outher source but I didin't reach to any result.

    that's what made me to but my quiry here.

    any way thank you brewnog
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