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Negative sequence (Symmetrical component)

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    I'd like to know how do i find I2 (Negative sequence current) if I know Ia, Ib and Ic but don't know angle (in normal system_not fault)? My system's 3 phases 3 wires.
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    You need to specify what you mean by "normal system_not fault"?

    Is the load balanced? If so, you know the angles relative to each other. You can then use the symmetrical transformation to find if there is a negative sequence current.

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    Thank you very much for answer!!!!, "Normal system_not fault" mean imbalance situation in distribution system. For example Ia= 85 A, Ib= 92 A and Ic= 90 A. I'd like to know I2 for set the I2 pick up to detect low fault current.
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