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Networking pcs

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    I am looking for info on networking my pc and another pc so I can put about 1gb of my files on the other for backup purposes. My pc is a 350mhz pentium2 processor, 320mb ram, 7.83gb hd, has USB (not sure of exact USB version, 2.0 I think), 56k dial up modem, and Windows ME [came with 98, went to ME unfortunately (the main reason I want to back up my hd and restore)]. The pc I want to set up a network with has a 4gb hd, 300mhz pentium2 (I think), 56k dial up modem, Windows 98, 96mb ram (I guess), and has USB 2.0. Neither pc is, or has ever been, configured as a network server.

    My guess for this whole idea is to plug one into the other through USB. the 4gb would show up in my network and/or in my computer. My hd would show up in her "Mynetwork" and/or "my computer." If that works, I'm guessing I could burn files from my hard drive with her cd burner too, but would be better off sending the files to her hd before burning. This is all my gues, I'm probably wrong.

    If I can't do any of the networking ****, I can always try to put her cd burner in my tower. I just have to deal with one screw I have never been able to budge. I can't use any grinders or anything like that, as I doubt the burner (or pc) would be working by the time I got it out, lol. I can't use wd40 either, or duct tape, lol. Just a screwdriver and my flying monkeys.
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    You might want to try buying a crossover cable, but you'll need an NIC (Network Interface Card) on each PC. These things are dirt cheap! I'm not even joking about that. Then you'll need something like a router or a hub... or you can also try buying a crossover cable. I know they have network crossover cables, and I think there are USB crossover cables. What crossover cables allow you to do is to directly connect each PC without having to have a network router or hub in between. This is probably a cheaper solution than buying a router as routers can be expensive.

    I hope this helps.

    You could always try the ultra-cheap way of doing it. Although it would suck to do it over 56k, you could always try to send it over using AOL Instant Messenger, but that means she would have to be connected to the internet at her house (assuming the owner of the other PC is in fact a her/she and that she doesn't live with you), and you would have to be connected at your house, and wait FOREVER for everything to be sent over as you're sending these things through 56k.
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    lol. You have a few options.

    If you just want to backup your files, and you have such a small hard drive, you can get a cheap USB external hard drive (I got an 80gig for like $140, so I'm sure you can do a lot cheaper than that). Copy your files there, etc.

    If you want to network.. You could get two USB wireless network adapters and set up an ad-hoc network. This is a network without a router or hub. That wouldn't be too dificult to do.
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    Here's a guide to USB networking with Windows 98:


    Personally, I think the quickest and easiest way would be to just take the hard drive from the other computer and connect it as a slave drive on your computer. Then just copy everything you want onto it, and stick it back in the other computer.

    A computer as old as yours will not have USB 2.0 support, and a USB 1.0 network is going to be particularly slow. Also, from what I remember of Windows 98 (I thankfully have not needed to use it for a long time now), setting up any kind of network can be a real pain in the tits.

    Good luck with it anyway :)
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    1) Ok, I would take a quick look to determine whether both computers have Ethernet ports, as having them will provide more options in respect to cables. If they don’t then USB networking is likely the alternative to go with as trying to send a Gigabyte over a 56k modem would likely take more time than you’d want to invest. It is also possible to use a serial or parallel crossover cable to transfer the data, although this isn’t a particularly fast method (judging from my own experiences).

    2) Time to think about cables; do you have any, what type are they, can you borrow or purchase what you need, etc?

    My preference would be to transfer the data to the other computer prior to burning (could eliminate one more area for potential failure).

    How about this idea; take a hacksaw blade (bending or breaking it to suit) and slowly cut a channel into the head such that a screwdriver can gain purchase?
    Of course, you will need to install software to enable use of the burner.

    The suggestion concerning the hard drives, made by Luminous Blob, is a good idea.
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    As you can tell there are many ways to skin this cat.

    I would recommend the same as aychamo said... An external USB hard drive will outlast both of your PCs and you can still use it as a backup device with other PCs you buy in the future, and it requires no understanding of network infrastructures to install.

    The second recommendation is to buy two NICs and a hub. The hub will outlast your computers but the NICs will not. 99.99 percent of PCs available nowadays will have an integrated NIC built in. However this would be the most flexible option for you but requires some basic network understanding to install as well as the cost of the NICs that will be obsolete when you replace your PCs.

    Luminous Blob's recommendation will work but will be an administrative headache if you want to backup data frequently.

    Good luck
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    I don't think you need a hub if you use a crossover cable.
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    Nope you don’t need a hub with a crossover cable, although you couldn’t network the two PCs together and browse the internet without one.
  10. Jun 11, 2004 #9
    Actually, you can. There is nothing special about a hub that lets you browse the internet - it simply allows two or more computers to communicate with each other over a network. As long as the one computer can see the other (whether it is connected with a crossover-cable or otherwise), it will be able to browse the internet through the LAN, as long as you have Internet Connection Sharing enabled.

    Windows ICS only applies to Windows 98SE and onwards, but you can get third party software such as AnalogX Proxy which can be used to share an internet connection on Windows 98.
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    Thank you. I think I'm going to hook put the cd burner in my pc. I may try that hacksaw idea, but would rather not.
  12. Jun 11, 2004 #11

    You certainly are not incorrect with anything you are saying. I was giving advice thinking along the lines of Mudvanelethldosae being on a high speed Ethernet setup or getting one in the future. Because he has 2 PCs, a Gig of sensitive data, knowledge of piddling with jumpers on hard drives, wanting to setup a network, and participating in internet discussion boards. Mudvanelethldosae seems like the type of person who has or has thought about getting a high speed internet connection. So if he did have a high speed connection he would need (or want) a hub instead of having to fiddle with a USB DSL/Cable modem with a software adapter, or attempting to install a second NIC in his WinMe machine.

    But then he mentions that he may use a hacksaw on his computer so he may not be the type of person wanting a high speed connection LOL…. I’m just kidding…
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