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Neural network inputs and targets

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    I've written a program for character recognition but now upon testing I am unsure about a couple things. I'm having problems with training and simulating the network. Here is my interpretation of how network training goes.

    Suppose I want to recognize the letters in the ABCD image attached. In MATLAB I used the function

    Code (Text):
    [net,tr] = train(net,inputs,targets);
    To train I set inputs = targets, where targets is the image with "ABCD". Then to recognize, say the letter D, I use this function

    Code (Text):
    where input = the letter "D".

    All this is done after appropriate image processing where I convert the images to binary matrices where each row describes a letter.

    Is my understanding in how MATLAB trains correct? I want to be able to train once for all the letters, then have the user select any image (each image contains either only a "A", "B", "C", "D") and submit it to the network and notify the user if there is a match.

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