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Neurobiology of Intelligence

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    Gray and Thompson have a magisterial review of this issue at http://www.loni.ucla.edu/~thompson/PDF/nrn0604-GrayThompson.pdf [Broken]. They bring together twin studies, PET scans, fMRIs, lesion research, molecular genetics, and much else, and discuss the ethics of differential intelligence studies.
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    Very interesting! :p I have only read the two first pages and browsed the rest. This does not seem revolutionary to me. Is this a new "discovery"?
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    I haven't read it yet, but SelfAdjoint did say "review" which means it's an article that pulls together previous findings and tries to draw some sort of cohesive conclusion from them, or presents it in a way to point out the unanswered questions and/or gaps in current knowledge. Sometimes authors toss in a few new findings that aren't significant enough to stand alone in a separate article into a review article, but generally, one shouldn't expect anything really new in a review.
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