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Neutral particle accelerator

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    I have seen a few references to neutral particle accelerators, anybody know how they work? For example, how would it be possible to accelerate a neutron to near-c velocity?
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    jimmy p

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    not sure if this is relevant at all

    ok, im not sure if this would be of any reference or if im just talking out of my ass here but the only way i could think of accelerating neutons would be to bombard them with free quarks because maybe that would cause a charge if a atomic quark was knocked off...however i dont know if thats even possible so ....whatever lol
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    Perhaps photonic pressure via lasers would work.
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    When a particle accelerator dumps the beam (I understand that all have this capability, as a safety measure if nothing else), a pretty intense beam of neutral particles, travelling at c, is created.

    The particles are called neutrinos.
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    Neutral beams may be created by collisions between proton beams and nuclei (e. g., that of deuterium), and collimated by specifically aligned materials.
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    A rather familar "neutral particle accelerator" is (drum roll...) gravity.
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    a pretty good summary of the neturino is in nova's the gohst particle
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    It would have been useful if you actually CITE these references. If not, all you will get will be ambiguous responses as we try to grope in the dark to see if any of what we answer actually hit your target.

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    Meir Achuz

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    The most commen way of producing a beam of high energy neutrons is by accelerating deuterons and then stripping the proton off in a collision with a thin target.
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