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Neutrinos in nature

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    what is the best estimates on the number of neutrinos in nature?
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    Some say about three times the number of photons, which is about 10 billion times the number of protons, which is about 10^80 in the observable universe out to about 14 billion light years. So you get about 3 x 10^90 neutrinos counting all three flavors.
    A more sophisticated calculation depends on details of cosmology.
    Jim Graber
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    what do you mean by details of cosmology?
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    Isn't this the particle that Feymann suggested that there may be only 1 in the whole universe, it just has the ability to switch it's direction in time at random?

    Or am I thinking electrons?
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    Yes, you are thinking of electrons, but the idea was not thought up by Feynman. Although he mentioned it in his Nobel Prize lecture, the idea actually came from John Wheeler.
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    Good to know. Thank you Cristo.
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