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New article about after life and Quantum physics

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    I want whatever he's smoking.
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    Can you provide any material or proof that his theory is wrong?I personally don't believe it either,but i'm not going to completely dismiss this as b.s until i see proof that contradicts everything he says.
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    Are we being honest with ourselves? This guy does have some nice credentials.

    “…he’s the standard-bearer for stem cell research”

    http://tech.fortune.cnn.com/tag/robert-lanza/ [Broken]

    “Lanza published a paper in The Lancet earlier this year detailing the results of early clinical trials involving two women suffering from macular degeneration. A UCLA ophthalmologist injected each woman with 50,000 retinal cells derived from human embryonic stem cells, and according to the paper, both claim to have better vision as a result. They’re not 20/20. But after a single injection one now walks the mall alone, uses her computer, and can pour a cup of coffee. The other sees colors and can read five letters on the eye chart. If Lanza is remembered one day as the man who saved millions from blindness, his story will provide a ready-made biopic for Ben Affleck. Born in the hardscrabble town of Roxbury and raised by a professional gambler, he escaped the economic underclass through intelligence and imagination. At 13, he altered the DNA of a chicken to make it change color; the experiment was published in Nature. His sisters never graduated from high school. He received an MD from Penn and a Fulbright scholarship, and has collaborated with giants, including B.F. Skinner and Jonas Salk. He was the first ever to clone an endangered species, and now he’s the standard-bearer for stem cell research.”
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    The mentors have come to the conclusion that this is a pseudoscience. The nature of the source does not conform to the strict requirement for a valid source, as stated in the PF Rules. Thus, this topic of discussion is closed.

    Note that expertise in one area (medicine) does not imply expertise or credibility in another area (physics).
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