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New method of propulsion, or simple BS?

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    Someone on a guitar forum posted a link to this site, which supposedly outlines a new method of propulsion. I'm in highschool and I haven't even taken physics yet, so I really am in no position to debunk this, but generally sites that look like that are just nonsense.

    So, does anyone who knows their stuff have a reason why this stuff is all just garbage, like those eternal-life bracelets, or is this stuff actually legitimate and just made by a very poor web-designer?
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    Many of the fad sites for the Biefeld-Brown effect try to sell it as about the physics of capaciters, but this wikipedia article http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biefeld-Brown_effect, tells you what is really going on: corona discharge. Yes you can lift small weights with it. No it isn't anti-gravity. It only works within an atmosphere that can be ionized (not in space, therefor).
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