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New research or uses of diamond?

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    I am not sure if this is the right forum to put this on so sorry in advance:

    Hello, I am currently researching about diamonds. Could someone tell me any new research, technology or uses of diamond? I have tried googling and havent come across much.

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    Look for research on nitrogen vacancy centers in diamond. It's a very hot field.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Try google scholar - though you need to define what you mean by "new use" since diamond is a very well researched material so "new" uses are normally putting a not-new use in a new context ... like diamonds can be used as bearings, but I'm quite sure there are some applications of bearings that have not yet seen diamonds used for them. Similarly, "new research" would just be "recent"... same with "new technology". Presumably a diamond studded cover for an iPhone 7 wouldn't count.
    It would help to know what you need to know for.
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    I see thanks guys
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