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New Science Blog -> Looking for input/advice

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    Hi Guys, Im starting a new blog and was looking for a bit of input.

    As I have friends in many "interesting" research groups around the UK, I was thinking of doing a bit of science journalism, interviewing people about their research.

    I was looking for input/advice, specifically if there is anything my target audience would like to read about in particular? Or, any areas of science research they would like to learn about a bit more?

    Any input is much appreciated.

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    I've always considered doing this; just guessing from a lot of the discussions and science shows I see bouncing around the networks, I think the three biggest markets are currently:

    1) consciousness / neuroscience / cognition
    2) particle and high-energy physics
    3) cosmology / astronomy
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    Cheers Pythagorean. I was thinking of interviewing a guy working on quantum gravity first. However, I know somebody in HEP who i'm sure would be keen as well.
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    Work on your writing skills. Get an editor or a friend to review every post you make beforehand. check and see if they come away with an understanding of the core concepts your wrote about. Science blogs have a bad reputation for being overly technical or too watered down, it's hard to get the balance right so be sure to get your work reviewed.
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