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Homework Help: Newtons 2nd law another problem

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    A block is propelled up a 48 degree frictionless inclined plane with an initial velocity of 1.20 m/s...A) how far up the plane does the block go before coming to a rest. B) How long does it take to move to that position?

    for part A) , i have initial velocity and im looking for x (distance)

    i'm stuck...not sure what to do
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    If you learned about kinetic and potential energy then the problem is not to bad. You just have to use the relationship: KE + PE = Etotal (where Etotal should always be constant). So intially when you "launch" the block, your energy is all KE and zero PE. But when it reaches its maximum height then your energy is all PE. See what you can do...

    Hint: KE = 1/2mv^2 and PE = mgh
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