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Non-quasistatic process. Constant pressure.Work cero.

  1. Oct 18, 2014 #1
    If in a non-quasistatic process the pressure is constant, is the work necessarily equal to cero?
    I have from the notes taken in class that it must be 0, but I don't really see why, so I'm not sure whether maybe I didn't hear it well.
    I haven't really started to work with non-quasistatic processes yet; we were just given the definition of quasistatic process the other day.

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    No. The work is zero if the volume is constant. The work done by the gas at constant pressure is ##P \Delta V##, but P is defined only if the process is quasistatic.
    The work done on the gas by the surrounding atmosphere at pressure P is ## - P \Delta V##.

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