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Non-Solar Power Station in Space

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    I have read about Japan's solar power plant in space.
    Would it not be easier to build a plant similar to the huge circular spinning space stations you see in movies that create their own gravity/downward force?

    Once something that large is spinning in space could you not use the motion to generate power?
    And if in space one could get perpetual motion since there is no friction with induction as the magnets and coils don't need to be touching or connected in any way?

    Or is this all complete nonsense as magnets only work within the earths field?
    Would love to hear thoughts from someone who knows more about the subject!


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    Welcome to the PF. :smile:

    There is no free energy. If there were a way to extract the energy from the rotating structure, it would slow the structure down and finally stop it. You can't get more energy out than what you put in to spin it up.

    Per the PF rules, we do not allow discussion of perpetual motion machines (PMMs) or over-unity energy mechanisms. You can follow the links in the PF rules to find out more about why such things do not work.
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