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Nostradamus and Time Travel

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    We all know about the correctness of the predictions made by Nostradamus. Some say he might have been a time traveller.
    Is this possible?
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    We all know nothing of the kind. Nostradamus wrote carefully obscure gibbersish and modern believers interpret it any way they like. They attribute each passage to something that has already happened, like Hitler. There is no predictive ability in his writings.
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    ...that Nostradamus "predicted" nothing.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I had an interest in Nostradamus for a time. Then, in 1981 I saw a special about Nd narrated by Orson Wells. In that deep melodic voice of his, he spoke so convincingly "beware the coming of the comet, for men will become man-eaters" or something like that. The date of April 4th or 12th, 1984, was to be the end of the world...according to Nostradamus. I marked the calendar each year with THE END OF THE WORLD date so that I wouldn't forget the prediction. Of course, to no surprise the world didn't end; yet some years later I saw the same program. The predictions were the same but the dates had all changed. So now the world was to end in the early 90s. Of course, to my knowledge the world didn't end then either.

    So, to which "predictions" were you referring?

    One interesting note: I don't think Nostradamus had any way to know that comets could wipe out life on earth. I find it interesting that our early mystical beliefs - that comets were bad omens and bringers of doom - should turn out to be so accurate in a cosmological sense. I have often wondered if this fear wasn't rooted in some real prehistoric event that continues in the memories of humans through myths.
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    I saw that same special. There was a predicted nuclear attack that would destroy New York City. It was also told how accurate his predictions were about the overthrow in Iran. This prediction, I'm now convinced, was written (or re-written) ex post facto. The prediction about New York resurfaced the day after the WTC Massacre, re-written to predict that. I'm no longer impressed by the accuracy of Nostradomos' predictions.
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    I've also watched the film that says about New York City being wiped out by a nuclear bomb, and the third World War follows. To be frank, I believed in it at first (man, I was only 13 at that time), but now, I think it's utter bull****.

    I think what happened was as what selfAdjoint said... probably he's just decided to write some confusing messages, and some people had nothing better to do than to match them to past incidents.

    Okay, maybe he's really a time traveller, I don't know. But let me tell you a secret: I'm a time traveller too! And here's what's big that is gonna happen in the near future:

    Oi29cn 8dsnsi nsjdn 3*fds0 -am 3in skabf 309 fml 2oa a02hyfk/ fimn93b cjidsa9 0g 4uhfsd978. Jdihi 39sd9 giuhrdehg 9fhoidfg o02bcxm, sdi, p010, ioam, disoj 0igfdh 1k 0an v eoifh aop disvn-e4 fodu=65.

    Go ahead. Interpret it!
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    No sh!t?!?!?! I'm a time traveler too! I travel forward in time CONSTANTLY! Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Correct Pandemonium. I agree. The real stuff. ;-)

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    Ivan Seeking

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    If you hold a flame behind your screen you can see hidden text in Pandemonium's post.
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    Which is to say, of course, that it doesn't fit the definition of "prediction."
  12. Jan 29, 2004 #11
    Although the book of Nostradamus might be obscure gibbersish it could still be based on real prophecies ...

    Discusses the possibility that the prophecies of Nostradamus are the result of a future time travel experiment. Special focus on whether time travel and sending messages to the past could be part of the same science and its consequences.
  13. Feb 26, 2004 #12
    To give some food for thought, here is a web ring that links a number of sites about time travel. Topics include movies, theories, science fiction, discussions, thoughts, and opinions on the possibility of time travel. Including sites that relate the prophecies of Nostradamus to time travel.

    Time Travel WebRing
  14. Feb 29, 2004 #13
    i see prophecies as beeing meer mathmatical probabilities.

    such as, if i drive a car towards a wall, it is mathmatically probable that in the near furture, the car will crash into a wall.

    but it is only a mathmatical probability, not a mathmatical certenty.

    a tire could go bang causing me to swearve and crash into something other than a wall, i could get hit by another car coming out of a junction, the wall could be moved, ect.

    theres nothing magical about prophecies, if you look at a situation, know the variables, and such, you could work out who is going to be the next leader of the US.
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    even if Nostradamus' writings are all jibberish I'd still rather read his stuff than listen to the jibberish of today's Nostradamus ie. that no talented rapper who calls himself Nostradamus and complains about thug life.
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    His predictions are a whole lot of nothing. How many of those quatrains (sp?) did he actually write? Wasn't it something like 1000?

    All of the quatrains were written in a sort of code that makes them impossible to interpret. Here is one line from a famous prediction "around this time mars will reign happily". WTF does that mean?
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