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Not zeropoint energy

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    My thread about magnet motor was deleted and I feel that this is only partly OK, I wrote that if it was possible to make a motor powered by magnets it will NOT be a perpetuum mobile, it will only run untill the magnets are not magnetic anymore. I think that magnetism must be induced in a permanent magnet, when doing so it will cost energy and this energy is stored in the magnet. It would be nice to get an respons but I understand if you delete this thread to.
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    Since I'm the Mentor that handled that thread report (and sent you the PM about the issue), please send me a PM to discuss it. That's in the PF rules as the first step to take if you disagree with a Mentor's actions. If we can't work it out via PM, I'll re-open this thread so you can post your objections. Thanks,
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