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Novice on Signals and Systems(Need Help)

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    I am a novice on learning Signals and Systems on my own . Got hold of Schaum Series on Signals and Systems after reading its reviews.

    I got confused in the "response of a LTC(Continuous-time LTI system) to an arbitrary input"

    Can somebody give me an idea about this?

    Also, please let me know how to make the symbol of integration, delta function , tao etc etc here, so that i put my question exactly in the same way as in the book.

    I am sure that people here will give me enough to get me started doing well in Signals and Systems.
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    there's a little convolution tutorial at https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=174635

    it's not all of what you get in a Signals and Systems text (it's all pre-Fourier or pre-Laplace Transform), but S&S is a pretty big topic.

    to figger out how to display math equations here, PF uses [itex]\LaTeX[/itex] which is also what Wikipedia uses. at WP, there is a LaTeX primer at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Math . i would suggest looking at that. another way do figure it out is by example. say, for instance, at the convolution tutorial, press the Quote button and see how the equations are formatted.

    edit: i just realized that PF has a sticky LaTeX at https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=8997 . you can check that also for how to "typeset" your math expressions.
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    thankyou so much rbj. Infact, after reading some threads in this forum, i was expecting reply from you.

    I was desperately looking for a forum like this where i can find people who love to help others and are in the same boat.

    My background is NOT in Electrical Engineering rather in Computer Engineering but i am trying to switch myselves to Telecommunications Industry and thus the concept of Signals and Systems is required in order to take courses like Digital Communications and Wireless Communications for my program.

    I am gonna read the convolution tutorial and LaTex Mathematicl typesetting and will keep posting my problems in this forum.

    This forum indeed reminds me of GRE forum , without which i couldn't have scored that good.

    Thanks again rbj for your helping attitude.
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    check out the comp.dsp newsgroup. lot'sa smart and helpful people there. no LaTeX on USENET, so you'll have to use "ASCII math" (the math equation counterpart to "ASCII art").
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    Thanks a lot rbj for your letting me know about this group.

    I am feeling very comfortable by having people like you here in this forum.

    Your helping attitude has put some extra learning desire in me. :-)
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