Nuclear Engineering Jobs: Should I go to graduate school?

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I am currently a nuclear engineering undergraduate. I was curious what the job perspective is with only a bachelors degree. How about with a masters? P.h.D?

I will be graduating with a Nuclear Engineering Honors Degree in Science.

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Depends on where you want to work. If you want to work for a utility or vendor, a bachelors is sufficient. The usefulness of a masters is not as significant and furthermore many companies will pay for your masters degree if you work on it while employed if you are still interested in getting one. I would say if you get a job offer than take it, and if not then go back for a masters as a back-up. The other career option is NRC, government, or national lab type positions. These are more likely to benefit or require a masters degree but are more difficult to get and may not necessarily pay any better.

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