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Nuclear Engineering vs Mechanical Engineering

  1. Apr 10, 2015 #1
    I have a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and I am interested in CFD. I have an admit offer for MS in Nuclear Engineering at UIUC with RA and MS in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford without any assistantship. Which one is a better option to choose considering the fact that I am not a US citizen and that I want to become a professor in future in a good university in US.

    I am happy with any university since the topic of research is what I want in both the places. But I dont know the reputation of Nuclear dept. at UIUC and I am worried if a MS and PhD degree in Nuclear without US citizenship, will allow me to apply for scientific jobs in labs or professorship at universities.

    Any views on this is welcome and thanks in advance :)
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    I would almost say go for the mechanical studies based purely on the fact that the developed world (especially the US) is not investing in its nuclear infrastructure.
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    No worries. There are numerous foreign students who study nuclear engineering in the US. My previous company hired various foreigners, including a PhD student who came from China. The individual came to the US on a student visa, and only obtained permanent residency after my company hired him. He is very skilled in computational analysis.

    UIUC NE department is quite good. In fact, I advised a foreign student here some years ago. However, he decided to return to his native country.
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