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Homework Help: Ode 2nd degree with a polynomial as a coefficient

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    Hi friends,

    I have been trying to solve the ode of second degree below with respect to z:


    i is the complex i, a and b are constants

    i ended up with the summation of bessel functions of first end second kind. Then I checked with matlab ode solver it gives no explicit solution. please help me.

    Thank you so much!
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    Just scrap the i/a thing for now and call it k and consider the equation:


    Now, suppose we know the solution to:


    in terms of AiryAi and AiryBi functions.

    Then consider a change of independent variable:


    and convert the DE to a DE in y as a function of u. That is:


    then compute the second derivative and make those substitutions and see if you get it in the form:


    Which the solution is C_1 AiryAi(u)+C_2 AiryBi(u)

    or for the original equation:

    [tex]C_1 AiryAi(\frac{b+kz}{k^{2/3}})+C_2 AiryBi(\frac{b+kz}{k^{2/3}})[/tex]
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    Thank you so much, I am also trying to solve for


    could you help me with this one too? I appreciate your help.
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    By the I got a solution like:


    where m=sqrt(a*z+b)

    is this another form of the same solution (Airy transform to bessel)?

    if you could help with the 3rd degree polynomial, that would be great!

    Thanks a lot!
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