What is 2nd degree: Definition and 17 Discussions

The 2nd parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 2 degrees south of the Earth's equatorial plane. It crosses the Atlantic Ocean, Africa, the Indian Ocean, Southeast Asia, Australasia, the Pacific Ocean and South America.

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  1. TMT

    Can We Generate Perpetual Machine in 2nd Degree from Global Warming Heat?

    Concerning Global warming; Can we cool atmosphere by converting it's heat content to electricity? if we do so is it became a perpetual machine in 2nd degree or not? I'm not so good in thermodynamics. But I'm sure it will not violate 1. rule energy is not created from noting, energy converted...
  2. L

    2nd degree equation difficulty

    Homework Statement [/B] Solve without external aids. You may use memorized 2nd degree equation formula. 9(x-2)= 3x(x-2) Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution [/B] Use memorized 2nd degree equation formula 9x-18= 3x^2 -6x ]]] + 18 9x= 3x^2 -6x +18 ]]] -9x 0 = 3x2-15x + 18...
  3. P

    Solve a 2nd order Ordinary Differential Equation

    Homework Statement Y''-((Y')^2)+(C1*exp(Y))=C2 C1 and C2 are constants. exp = e Homework Equations No clue how to start this The Attempt at a Solution Y'=A=dY/dt Y=At+C3 (not sure) A'-(A^2)+C1exp(At+C3)-C2=0 A'-(A^2)+C1exp(C3)exp(At)=0 let C=C1*exp(C3) A'-(A^2)+Cexp(At)=0
  4. VoloD

    Programs 2nd bachelors Degree Question (after a SAP appeal)

    My BS is in Physics and I had considered getting another BS in industrial engineering. However I have question that I can not find any direct answer on FAFSA website I have accumulated more than 180 hours in my Bachelors Degree, going over the 150% limit for an undergraduate major. My appeal...
  5. F

    Engineering Finance BS regret - 2nd degree in ME Engineering?

    Thank god I found this website! Bear with me, its a bit of a long explanation before the question.. So let me start by saying that I'm a finance major, senior year, excellent GPA, but tremendously unmotivated for prospective business/finance industry. I love sciences, I love maths and I've...
  6. F

    Did I waste my time getting a 2nd degree?

    I graduated with degrees in both mechanical engineering and physics the past spring. I'm sort of feeling however that I wasted my time doing this. And by that I mean that a BS in physics does nothing in terms of finding jobs (unlike a BS in engineering). And also not going for a PhD in physics...
  7. M

    Engineering Civil Engineering Bachelor's for a 29 year old

    My background: -BA Economics 2007 from a UC school -I took a year of Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, and a few Stats courses as well to prepare for grad school in Econ. -I never took General Chem or Physics -Worked in finance. I realized early on that my job was more about...
  8. DewYouKnow8

    Programs CS vs. Mechanical Eng - 2nd degree

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum, so please let me know if I have made any mistakes in my posting location. As mentioned in the title, I am returning to school for a second undergrad degree. My first degree was in Business Administration - which did not satisfy my academic needs (to say the...
  9. M

    Can a 2nd degree parametric equation be turned into cartesian?

    Let's say i have a parametric equation: x = t^2 y = t^3 + 4t Even though this is a 2nd and 3rd degree parametric equation, i can isolate and express in terms of y = f(x) because the parametric equation for x involves only one term for t. Thus: t = sqrt(x) and y = sqrt(x)^3 + 4(sqrt(x))...
  10. B

    Programs Financial Aid for 2nd Degree Help?

    Hey All, To start out with, I have a degree in Biology, emphasis Microbiology from MNSU Mankato that I received in 2010. I'm working for a good biotech company but am going back to school this fall for Mechanical Engineering. Aerospace engineering is absolutely fascinating to me. Biomedical...
  11. T

    Non-homogeneous 2nd degree differentials, simplification issues

    Hi. I recently started studying differential equations, so bear with me. I started out with the following equation: y'' - 10y' -61y = xe^{-x} I know the method for solving these, but the thing I don't understand perhaps isn't the differential eq. part, rather the simplification of the...
  12. B

    Ode 2nd degree with a polynomial as a coefficient

    Hi friends, I have been trying to solve the ode of second degree below with respect to z: d2y/dz2=(i/a*z+b)*y i is the complex i, a and b are constants i ended up with the summation of bessel functions of first end second kind. Then I checked with MATLAB ode solver it gives no...
  13. R

    Distribution of Difference of 2 2nd Degree Non-Central Chi Squared RVs

    Distribution of difference of two second degree non central chi squared random variables. This problem can be cast as an indefinite quadratic form for which there are a number of general numerical techniques to determine the CDF. Alternatively, it may be written as a linear combination of...
  14. R

    Solving a 2nd Degree Equation: 2y^3 + (6x^2)y - 12x^2 + 6y = 1

    Homework Statement Given 2y^3 +(6x^2)y-12x^2+6y = 1 A. Show that dy/dx = 4x -2xy/x^2 + y^2 + 1 B. Write an equation of each horizontal tangent line to the curve C. The line through the origin with slope -1 is tangent to the curve at point P. Find the x-y coordinates of point P. The...
  15. K

    2nd degree equation (complex numbers)

    I just came across the eq. z^2 - 2z + 1 - 2i where z is a complex number. How do I solve this sort of eq.? I tried to solve it as a normal 2nd degree eq., setting a=2, b=-2 and c=(1-2i), with z as the variable. This finally gave me the solutions z(1) = -1 + sqrt(2i) and...
  16. K

    Trig - 2nd Degree Equations

    How do you algebraicly find the solution to this equation 6sin(to power of 2)x-6sinx+1=0 where 0<(or equal to) x <(or equal to) 2pi
  17. B

    Transformation from an ODE 2nd degree to ODE

    Hi, I would to check if my transformation from an ODE 2nd degree to ODE 1st degree is fine: X''(t)+X(t)=0 I set: X1(t)=X(t) X2(t)=X'(t) this implies that: X1'(t)=X2(t) so the original equation becomes: X2'(t)=-X1(t) PLease tell me if I am right? B