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Oldest map in Europe from 500 BC!

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    Archaeologists find western world's oldest map
    By Hilary Clarke in Rome

    Hopefully there is more.
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    thanks for flagging this!

    the map is or seems a terrifically important part of culture to me

    just like the greeks

    they always wanted to know the geometrical layout
    and how far things were,

    like Aristarchus in 250 BC reckoning the relative sizes of the sun and moon (from primitive obs.) and coming to the heliocentric realization more than 1500 years before Copernicus

    map the earth map the heavens---triangles drawn with a stick in the sand---areas volumes slices----the clear light of the Mediterranean

    and this shard of black glazed redline pottery, or is it whiteline: can't decide from the picture
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