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One to one barrier

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    a concept came up that that there is a one to one barrier with motors and generators. Is there such a thing? the only i am aware of would be relative to newtons law (egual and oppisite reaction) if you put a number in is that the only number you have out? or can it be increase ( i thought that was what transformers do, produce more energy than you put in?

    i am lost on this thoery and would like to know if it does extist and if there is a law or person i can look up to help me.
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    I have no idea what you're talking about, but there is no such thing as a machine that produces more energy than is put into it, transformers included. :rolleyes:
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    Never heard of a "one to one barrier", let alone with regard to motors and generators.

    Transformers certainly do NOT produce more energy than is put in. Like all other machines, they contain inefficiencies which reduce the energy output to less than the input.
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    I wonder if karae is referencing unity as being 1 to 1, and the impossibility of an over-unity machine.
    It might be about trying to drive a generator with the motor that it's powering. :confused:
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