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Online tools for Gaussian elimination / LU decomposition ?

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    I can not find any useful online tool that solves you a system of equations using Gaussian elimination and LU decomposition. So just a system like:


    etc. Just about 4 lines.

    several lines. So basically an online tool where you can just plug in the -3,4,9,4,-2 etc and it solves it for you. Same with the LU decomposition for systems like this one.

    And, does somebody know of a website where Gaussian elimination and LU explained in detail ? I know how to do Gaussian elimination, but I'm used to do it in a different way. Solve the equations for whatever, but I'm talking about just taking the numbers, put them in a matrix and then solve it. I'm not quite sure how that works. LU decomposition is tricky too, imo. Just can't find anything that's useful. I would appreciate any help!
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    or a python script (with numpy and scipy)...

    ...or, if you want something on-line, try http://www.sagemath.org/" [Broken]...again, though, you would need to know what functions to call, etc....
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    Thank you guys!
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