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Opinions on Photonics Engineering?

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    It's a special 5 year program thats one of a kind in Canada only offered at MacMaster University. I only know that it revolves around the concept of medical technology development but I wasn't sure in detail what this field was. It sounds really good but from the look of the course load, it looks pretty demanding as well.

    Thoughts on this?
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    At my University there is a Photonics course. Photonics is the study of light and its applications (this isn't necessarily confined to the medical industry). Photonics has huge practical applications in the telecommunications industry (I'm sure that you've heard of fiber-optics). I am due to start this course in March and I'm really looking foward to it.

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    A word of caution, the photonics course at MacMaster University may focus on medical applications, and might not include all the uses of photics (I'm sure that you relise that courses differ in what they teach from Uni to Uni.

    In regards to your comment that it sounds demanding. The maths probably is but I think that photonics is going to be a highly coverted area in Physics, as it has the potential to create superior technology.
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