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Ordering a playlist

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    So how do you all order your music playlist? Do you go by genre, artist, date released, random, or something else? I am curious about different ways to order my playlist, and I know you guys will have some crazy ideas :smile:
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    Completely random :smile:
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    When I had a CD player I ordered my playlists by the order that they'd song best in (minimum clashing of how songs sounded). Now that I don't have a CD player, I just go totally random (with well over 80 minutes of per playlist).
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    I mix them up so that the same band isn't within 4 or so songs next to one another....
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    I have mine grouped into separate playlists by genre, and I'm not sure what order they're in within a genre...sometimes when I'm looking for something specific, I sort by artist or title or album, depending on what it is that I'm trying to find. But, I use the random feature for playing them.

    My CDs are grouped alphabetically by artist within genre.
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    I have a U2 so it groups my music automatically.
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    Dont use playlists, but i sort my music per geneder on my PC, and usually shuffle them on my ipod.. I have almost 100Gig of music on my pc tho
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