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Organic Chem - Identifying Functional Groups

  1. Feb 11, 2010 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Hi all,
    i have to identify 5 samples (1,2,3 were solids, 4,5 were liquids) by classifying them as
    1) Aliphatic or aromatic and
    2) Carboxylic acid, amine (primary, secondary, tertiary) or ammonium carboxylate

    We did a burn test on the solids, tested solubility in water (and test solution for pH), tested solubilty in HCl, and treatment with 10% NaOH, in that order

    2. Relevant equations
    Burn Test: 1 - Clean flame, no smoke 2 - Yellow sparks, smoky-ish flame 3 - smoky flame
    Solubilty in Water: 1 - Dissolved 2 - Dissolved 3 - Partially 4 - Partially in hot water 5 - Partially in hot water
    pH: 1 - Acid 2 - Neutral (i think) 3 - Acid 4 - Basic 5 - Basic
    Solubilty in HCl: 1 to 4 - Undissolved 5 - Dissolved
    Addition of 10% NaOH: 1 to 3 - No smell but dissolved 4 and 5 both ahd a pungent smell

    3. The attempt at a solution
    1 is an aliphatic compound. 2,3 are aromatic.
    Solution 1 is a simple carboxylic acid. Solution 2,3 are aromatic carboxylic acids.
    Solution 4,5 are either amines or ammonium carboxylates. i can't figure out which.
    The results are subject to college lab conditions and may be wrong (but hopefully not)
    So can anyone clarify the functional groups?
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    A clean flame means what type of compound?
    Solubility in water means 'what' for and organic compound?
    Solubility in HCl is seen for what type of organic compound?
    How about solubility in NaOH?
    If you smell something when you treat it with strong base, what could that be? Other than 'pungent', what did it smell like? Flowers? Skunk?
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